Great Horned Owl in northern Saskatchewan attacking dogs

The people in the town of Aberdeen have been casting a wary eye upward for months on the lookout for a Great Horned Owl believed to be responsible for as many as five attacks on small dogs.

On March 4, an owl attacked and killed Rusty, a three-pound Japanese Chin-Chihuahua mix inside a family’s yard.

Rusty’s owner Casey Schoffer said the owl went after her dog and tried to take off with it.

My husband had to throw his boot at it…And that same owl, the next morning, attacked another dog in town.”

Schoffer says losing the family pet has been hard on her children.

It’s not clear why the owl is attacking dogs. But the most likely answer is the owl was hungry and saw the dogs as potential food. Another potential answer: the owl is a jerk.

h/t: CJME, CBC

Photo credit: Wilma Marissen

Watch this video from Youtube of a small burrowing owl going after a poodle:

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