Great horned owl rescued from California wildfires finally set free

After more than three months in rehab, Ram the owl is back home in the wild.

The great horned owl was saved by firefighters last November from the Maria Fire in California.

His rescuer Caleb Amico of the Ventura County Fire Department nicknamed the owl “Ram” after their own mascot and the Los Angeles Rams NFL team.

Ram went to Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation for treatment, including care of a broken furcula, which is essentially the human collar bone.

The owl also suffered smoke inhalation.

Caleb Amico of the Ventura County Fire Department spotted and rescued the owl in November.

Ram was finally released back in his home territory on Wednesday evening.

He has had a full recovery and will be finding his way home,” the fire department said. “We are so happy to see our local resources working together to better everyone’s future.”

Even the Rams sent a message congratulating the owl on its release.

“We salute the Ventura County Fire Department for rescuing and rehabilitating Ram,” the team said. “We are grateful for the Department’s continued service to our community all year round. Safe flight, Ram! We will be cheering you on every step of the way.”

Firefighters were thrilled to be part of the owl’s rescue and release.

Include Amico who had the chance to release the owl he saved.

“It was a hoot to watch Ram fly away and listen to him talk as the sunset,” Ventura County Fire Captain Brian McGrath said.

And, after the release near where Ram was initially found, folks on hand said the owl could be heard hooting to another owl.

Lucky owl.

Nicky Thole, Camarillo’s rehab director, said she hopes he’ll be able to find — and be reunited — with his partner.

Great horned owls mate for life.

Photos Ventura County Fire Department/Facebook

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