Greek island flooded with job applications for cat-whisperer to 55 feline residents

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Update Sept. 16, 2018:

She’s hired!

Congratulations to Jeffyne Telson, the founder and president of ResQcats in Santa Barbara, California.

“A dream come true and such an honor and privilege,” Telson wrote by way of thanks. “…And another way to make a difference in the world with a kindred spirit at each others sides.”


Call this the dream job for a crazy cat lady.

Or, any cat person, really.

God’s Little People Cat Rescue, which is based on the Greek island of Syros, is looking for a caretaker for its sanctuary of 55 rescued cats.

“PAID JOB OFFER WITH CATS!” writes Joan Bowell in her Facebook posting, “this is genuine and NOT a joke.”

Little wonder the ad is getting attention.

The job description calls for someone who is “mature and genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats and would love their company.”

It requires feeding, medicating animals as needed, taking them to the vet and generally caring for the cat colony as the current caretaker is going to be absent for a at least 6 months.

A view from the cat sanctuary. God’s Little People Cat Rescue/Facebook

“You will at times be expected to trap or handle a feral or non-sociable cat, so knowing something about a cats psychology too is important + cat-whispering skills should come natural to you,” Bowell explains in her job posting.

The gig includes fully-furnished and free accommodations — a tiny home with a direct view of the Aegean Sea — as well as an unspecified salary. It will require about four hours a day of actual cat-related work.

Tranquility is the pace of life as the cat-whisperer of Syros. God’s Little People Cat Rescue/Facebook

The location quiet in winter, but busy come summer.

Still much of the winning candidate’s time will be spent alone-ish.

“You’ll no doubt thrive best if you are the type of person who appreciates nature and likes tranquility – and rest comfortably in your own company,” Bowell writes. “That said, you’ll never feel lonely in the company of the cats and you’ll be expected to live with a small handful of cats in your house.”

Cats rule the island of Syros in Greece. God’s Little People Cat Rescue/Facebook

The job is set to start in October. And applications are pouring in.

“MESSAGE TO EVERYONE who has sent an application or is wondering if the job is still available – and whether this is fake!” Bowell offered by way of update today. “Yes, the job is still available and it is not fake!! I said we wouldn’t take calls with the final candidates before the end of August and it could take a while longer! When I posted about the job there is NO way I could have foreseen it going viral the way it has and I have now received thousands of messages and applications!!”

Cats really do rule the world.

Rescue cat Lily takes in the view of the Aegean Sea. God’s Little People Cat Rescue/Facebook

Photos God’s Little People Cat Rescue/Facebook

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