This is what happens when you nanny-cam your pets

The owners of this dog – and cat – installed a camera to see what their critters get up to when the humans are away. The dog is not allowed on the bed. The cat apparently is. This dog does not appreciate the rules.

Cat: <Chilling on the bed> “Dude. What’s up?

Dog: “Me. Soon to be on that bed.” <Dog rolls on bed like Demi Moore in money>

Cat: “What the? Please say this is just some weird canine crap. You don’t have fleas, right?”

Dog: “Who says I can’t be up here? Double dog dare you to invite your allergy-hobbled friends for a sleepover. Heh Heh Heh. Who’s the boss now, b#tches?”

Cat: <Swats dog> “Your’e an idiot.”

Dog: <Waits at window for owner> “When are you coming home? I wuv you! I miss you!”

At least one YouTube viewer commented on the obvious second-class treatment of the dog. “The dog can’t climb on the bed, but the cat can?” the viewer wrote. “DISCRIMINATION!” The video has attracted more than 6 million since it was posted on YouTube March 14.

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