Happy Caturday: Lynx shakes off water like a wet dog

Ever wonder what a wet lynx looks like?

Twitter user — and trail cam aficionado — Daniel Alexander just posted an incredible video of one very soggy lynx trying to dry off.

He has been posting videos of wildlife around West Hawk Lake, Manitoba for some time. But this one is pure Caturday.

Turns out a wet lynx is very much like a wet dog — but decidedly grumpier.

And, oh my, what big paws you have.

Members of the Whiteshell Cottagers Association have been enjoying his videos for some time.

The Facebook group, for people in the cottage region not far from the Ontario boundary, posted a great compilation from his critter cams capturing everything from fluffy lynx, wolves, porcupine, deers, otters and bears.

“Wow, just wow,” the group posted. “For those that enjoy the Daniel Alexander Whiteshell Wildlife video’s you’re in for a treat. Daniel was kind enough to put together this 9 minute video for us which captures the diversity of wildlife in our beautiful Whiteshell Provincial Park & West Hawk Lake in particular.”

It is truly wow.

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