Happy Halloween! Giant tarantula hovers over building

A giant spider is dangling from the city centre building in Norwich, Great Britain.

The six metre wide (20 ft) model spider has been suspended above the entrance of the main library.

People with a fear of spiders have been spooked by a huge inflatable tarantula dangling from a city centre building and some have posted on social media that the spider was too scary to walk under.

But town officials say they have not received any complaints.

Seriously, scaredy-cats? An inflatable spider freaks you out?

The spider, made by Suffolk’s Airtechs Inflatables, cost £450 for Norwich City Council to hire as part of its Halloween celebrations and events.

A spokeswoman for Norwich City Council said:

“We decided to hire an inflatable spider to act as a giant illustration of all the fantastic stuff we’ve been doing this week as part of our fun-packed Spooky City programme to mark Halloween. While we obviously didn’t set out to cause anxiety to anyone who doesn’t like spiders, we’re pleased it’s become such a talking point.”

h/t: BBC

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