Hero dog — and “very best boy” — saves Texas family from house fire

Dog owners know how much their pets love them.

Few pet lovers get to experience just how far their dogs will go to prove it.

But Twitter user Ulysses S. Cocksman shared his family’s heroic dog tale over the weekend. It was around midnight when their pooch, Hank, spotted a yard fire burning too close for comfort and barked enough to get their attention.

Hank was responsible for typical dog stuff.

Like ruining shoes.

And barking at all hours.

But over the weekend, the midnight barking was cause for alarm.

Something truly serious was going on.

Hank was the best fire detector anyone could ask for.

The Texas family called 9-1-1.

The fire was spreading.

“The firefighters were absolutely amazing,” Cocksman tweeted. “It was windy, so they had to contain and deal with this for two adjacent blocks. Just totally, unbelievably skilled and coordinated.”

With a big shout out to Hank.

And a reminder to check your smoke detectors — especially if you don’t have a Hank.

Hank is truly one very good doggo.

The very best boy, indeed.

Photo @USCocksman/Twitter

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