Hitchhiking woodrat packed her way into rat-free Alberta. But don’t worry, she’s OK.

Rats have long been eradicated in Alberta.

In fact, there’s a government-sponsored rat patrol dedicated to keeping the province rat-free. But this baby rat wasn’t evicted when she unexpectedly arrived.

In fact, the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation admitted a baby bushy-tailed woodrat into its care after it hopped a ride into Calgary somewhere in the mountains to the west. After all, the wee little woodrat, also known as packrats, is Canada’s only native rat.

“In the past, AIWC has admitted adults that have ‘hitched’ a ride from the mountains, but this is the first baby we have taken in and cared for,” the Madden-based facility said this week.

And so very cute.

It’s too soon to tell when the little gal will be set free.

“She will remain in our care until she can be released back to where she was found when she is able to survive on her own,” Holly Duvall, the centre’s executive director, said in a statement. “She is thriving in care and we are hopeful she can be returned back to the wild this summer. “

The stowaway woodrat is one of nearly 200 animals at AIWC.

Photos Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation 

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