Hockey player Bo Horvat scores goal, young fan gets his wiener dog

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Now here’s a way to get a wiener dog at a hockey team. A real dog, that is. Not a hot dog.

A young Canucks fan held up a sign during a game between Vancouver and Arizona last week saying he will get a puppy if Bo Horvat scores.

Adley bet his dad Aaron Hefter that Horvat would score a goal.

Hefter says Adley wanted a wiener dog and tried to persuade him ahead of the game to get one.

He said, what if his favourite player Bo scored a goal, can he get a wiener dog? I thought about it and I said, sure, we can do that.”

Hefter said Adley was a bit shy to hold up the sign at first.

As more people kept rooting for us, he got a bit more confident.”

Finally after a number of close calls, Horvat delivered in the third period.

Horvat scores! ‘Hotdog Horvat’ gets a new home.

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