Horse-drawn and dog-drawn ski racing. An Olympic sport?

How is it that we at Critter Files have never heard of skijoring before?

It’s a Norwegian word which roughly translates into driving by skis and according to this article from Slate, skijoring was part of the Nordic Games in the early decade of the 20th century.

By 1928 it was an Olympic contender at the Games held in St. Moritz that year.

But the sport never got past the I coulda been a contender stage mainly because at that event in St. Mortiz, there were only seven competitors and watching skiers getting pulled across a frozen lake didn’t generate much buzz.

While initially it began with horses, the sport has now evolved to using dogs to pull the skiers and its popularity has endured in places like Switzerland, Scandinavia and Elkford, B.C. and Didsbury, Alberta.



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