Horse with no name born on the ultimate super “Twosday”

Everybody’s birthday is special, but one new filly has a particularly unique birthdate.

Siena Farm, which breeds racehorses in Paris, Kentucky, announced a foal born on Feb. 22, or 2/22/22.

That’s right, the 22nd day of the second month in the year 2022. What’s more, the filly came at the perfect time of day — 2 p.m — on the perfect day — Tuesday.

“This is cool: Our mare named Date to Remember delivered this adorable Authentic filly on 2-22-22 …at 2 pm!” the farm tweeted.

Did you catch that? The foal’s mother is named Date to Remember.

Naturally, the farm is looking for — and fielding — name suggestions.

Twosday is a popular frontrunner. Two Authentic has also been suggested as an ode to her father. Palindrome was another one since the birthday reads the same backward and forward. But the farm pointed out, it’s already taken.

There’s still, of course, Super Twosday and Two Cute.

Naturally, this little horse is now in the running in Spendthrift Farm’s foal derby to win a credit for a future stud fee for a future Authentic baby.

All 20 finalists will be randomly assigned a post position number, and whichever post position wins the 2022 Kentucky Derby will be the winning foal, the farm explained.

Who knows, her unusually special birthday might just give her an edge at the wire.

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