Huge alligator breaks into Florida home

Florida police really do get all the best cases.

The Clearwater Police Department responded to a call for a trespasser who broke into a home on May 31.

The unwanted guest, an 11-foot-long male alligator, got in through some low windows in the kitchen.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

This was the point of entry for the alligator. Clearwater Police Department/Twitter

“Clearwater Police officers and a trapper responded to the scene to capture and remove the gator,” police said.

Police kept up their spirits — and laughs — through the call.

“See you later, alligator 🐊,” the force posted.

Police were even good enough to video the encounter.

“We know you’ve been chomping at the bit for more visuals from today’s alligator trespassing in Clearwater🐊 ,”  police added.

The alligator made quite a mess. Clearwater Police Department/Twitter

And don’t worry, nobody, not even the alligator was hurt.

But the arrest was made in true Florida style.

“During the apprehension, the alligator knocked over several bottles of wine,” police said. “The red liquid in the video is wine, not blood.”

Just another day in Florida.

Case closed. So is the gator’s mouth. Clearwater Police Department/Twitter

Photos Clearwater Police Department/Twitter

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