Humpback whale tangled in fishing nets rescued off coast of Australia

An incredible rescue operation off the Australian coast has saved the life of juvenile humpback whale that was caught in ropes and fishing nets Monday.

The whale was spotted Monday morning struggling off Wattamolla Beach in Royal National Park.

“The whale is believed to be anchored to the seabed, possibly by fishing debris, but still breathing,” Marine Rescue New South Wales explained.

Multiple agencies dove into action off the country’s southeastern shore.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Marine Rescue Botany Port Hacking, Marine Rescue NSW and ORRCA Inc were all part of the delicate operation.

Experts moved in and cut the ropes from the seven-metre-long whale.

It was entangled from its head and its tail.

The humpback, estimated to be about three-years-old, was en route to Antarctica when it became entangled.

There are shark nets set up off the shore to protect beach-goers, but the ocean is also plagued by discarded fishing gear.

This is one of a number of whale rescues this year.

Officials said after it as freed, this whale carried on with its migration.

“Great news!” tweeted the Department of Environment, Energy and Science. “The entangled #WattamollaWhale has been freed by the NPWS disentanglement team and is now heading south.”

Main Photo: Marine Rescue NSW/Twitter

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