Hurricane Harvey the Hawk saved by hitching ride with cabbie

Cab driver William Bruso was picking up provisions in anticipation of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall when an unexpected passenger hitched a ride in the passenger seat.

An injured hawk which Bruso named Harvey refused to leave.

In a series of video updates, Bruso cares for the hawk even feeding him chicken liver.

Over the weekend, staff at TWRC Wildlife Center went to retrieve Harvey. He’s now being treated for an injury that prevents him from flying.

The centre, like so many shelters in the Houston area are chock full of critters and more are anticipated.

Most shelters for humans won’t allow people fleeing the storm to bring pets inside saying it could be life threatening for people with allergies.

A team from the Texas A&M Veterinary School is also on hand to help animals who might have been trapped or hurt during the storm and provide care for them.


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