“Hydro Cat” once stuck atop at utility pole, now reunited with his owner

Cat up a hydro pole captured Toronto’s attention and now there’s an even happier ending to the story.

The cat is back home with his family, who had know idea their lost kitty was at the middle of a social media storm for days.

But let’s go back to what happened.

On Feb. 27, Toronto Animal Services got a call about a cat stuck atop a telecommunications pole at Bloor and Dufferin.

“Our poor friend was clearly cold and terrified, and snow was still coming down from [Wednesday] night’s storm,” the agency posted on social media.

It also posted some sunning photos of the frightened feline, soon dubbed Hydro Cat.

Cat on a hydro pole! Toronto Animal Services/Facebook

“We don’t know how long he was up there, but think that he might gotten lost, decided to climb, got disoriented from the storm and then didn’t have an exit strategy,” Toronto Animal Services wrote.

Yikes. Toronto Animal Services/Facebook

More experts were called into help the trapped kitty.

Toronto Hydro quickly jumped into action.

The crew went up and the cat came down.

Toronto Hydro crews to the rescue. Photo: Kris Pangilinan/Toronto Hydro

They even got to cuddle with him afterward — indoors.

Hydro Cat was renamed Everest for the rather impressive climbing feat.

And then the call went out to find his owners — or a new home.

By Saturday, that call was answered.

Uriel Colin was reunited with his lost cat, actually named Bruno, that afternoon.

He explained after his  “crazy cat”  went missing, he left his door open Thursday hoping Bruno would come back. But when he didn’t, Colin started searching online.

“His name is Bruno and his family found him by checking our website – not aware that his rescue was live on the news and he’s been trending on social media ever since, with the entire city rooting for him,” Toronto Animal Services explained.

Bruno, aka, Hydro Cat, is back home. Toronto Animal Services/Facebook

The cat will be neutered and microchipped.

Uriel Colin kisses his no longer missing cat as reporters look on. Toronto Animal Services/Facebook

And, Colin plans keep a better eye on him.

The folks at Toronto Hydro couldn’t be more thrilled, posting to Facebook: “#HydroCat has been reunited with his family!”

No more sneaking out for you, Bruno. Toronto Animal Services/Facebook

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