IKEA showrooms adorned with adoptable dogs

As part of her job as an IKEA showroom dresser, a girl from my high school used to place photos of her friends in frames to personalize the Swedish chic space. I always thought it was funny to see fresh-faced members of my graduating class propped up on Billy bookcases and set upon Jerker desks.

But Home for Hope is so much better. The initiative involving IKEA and other home furnishing stores, props up cardboard cutouts of adoptable pets in their showrooms. That way shoppers can envision themselves in their new stylish digs with their doe-eyed new pet. According to Yahoo, the idea started in Singapore, where IKEA partnered with the Animal Lovers League Shelter and Save Our Street Dogs in May to create Home for Hope.

“Home For Hope is a collective project with IKEA and other leading home furnishing stores to provide much-needed exposure for homeless pets,” notes the YouTube video highlighting the program. “If you or someone you know is looking for a pet to complete the home, visit homeforhope.sg. #homeforhope.”

The video has had more than 180,00 views.

The best part, this kind of guerrilla marking seems to be working. Dogs are being adopted.

A store in Tempe, Arizona was the first location in the United States to hop on board, and quickly found homes for all six dogs on display. But many more wayward animals need homes. So, while you’re picking up that one last box of votive candles, you can also scan each dogs unique QR codes to learn more about them and maybe, just maybe, be happy you spotted something you never expected to bring home.

h/t Yahoo! Photo Home for Hope/YouTube

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