In battle between dog vs porcupine cop loses

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Constable Mark Smith could probably be forgiven for his tentative handling of this suspect.

You see, the Calgary Police Service officer ended up in the middle of a brawl between a porcupine and a dog. And in the course of he, he ended up with a mug full of bear spray.

“Neighbours dogs spiked, extensive battle to get it out of our gardens, keeps trying to return, bearspray deployed & wind directs back in my face 😵,” he posted on Twitter Tuesday night.

The fight did eventually end with the cantankerous critter packed away in a plastic bin.

But not for long.

The prickly little suspect was released without charges. @CstSmith/Twitter

“Mr Porcupine relocated,” wrote Const. Smith, who posted a video of the bad guy’s release.

Not everyone is a fan of the large rodents.

But this porcupine did have some supporters.

Photos @CstSmith/Twitter

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