Injured dog protects her puppies on the mean streets of Los Angeles

Injured and homeless, a mother dog refused to leave her three pups. But the story has a happy ending thanks to the work of Hope for Paws. The California-based non-profit saved the dog, now named Iris, and her brood, Meg, Seth and Nathaniel. The animals were living under some dense brush along a busy Los Angeles street. The group produced yet another touching rescue tale; a video posted only days ago and already loved by more than 1 million people on YouTube.


The animals are now being fostered in Pasadena and are looking for new homes through The Dog Rescuers.

“My wish is to find a family that will adopt Mama and one of the pups together, because she is such a great Mama. Usually mama’s get tired and they say to their babies, that is it, I am out of here. The babies are eating hard food and I will always find Mama playing with them, chewing on them, letting them still suckle, taking naps with them – She is having a blast with her children and the babies are thriving because of it. She truly is the best Mama I have ever had,” the group noted on Facebook.

Watch the emotional rescue here.


Photos Eldad Hagar/Flickr

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