Internet roars with approval after meeting Shiva the tiger on The Walking Dead

Fans of The Walking Dead were finally introduced to King Ezekiel and his ferocious sidekick, Shiva.

Shiva, of course, is a tiger on a chain.

But animal lovers should fret about a real tiger being used to film a TV show. Show creator Robert Kirkman told folks at Comic-Con over the summer that, “It’s not particularly humane to have like a live tiger on set and it’s also very dangerous for the actors,” according to Business Insider.

And so, CGI was used as a pretty convincing stand in.

King Ezekiel, a former zookeeper, who rules over The Kingdom, with the big cat at his side, sent Twitter into tiger wars, several folks pointing to the tiger in Life of Pi.

And of course, the Shiva parody accounts went up instantly.

Or were already roaring into the internet.

So far, Shiva and King Ezekiel are killing it. And not just the zombies. One more thing, AMC, for heaven’s sake, don’t let anything happen to Shiva. You already killed Glenn, you can’t kill the tiger, too.

Want to know more about Ezekiel and Shiva? Read the backstory from the graphic novel.

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