Italian circus owner cited for disguising chow dogs as pandas.

Italian investigators are suing the owner of a circus after discovering that they put make up and dressed chow chow dogs as pandas and charged circus goers a fee to take pictures.

The two puppies, one male and one female, were found by investigators and both had white coats.

But due to the make up and colouring put on them, the dogs resembled pandas. You may remember that last year we told you about puppies born looking like pandas–without the use of dyes.

Investigators with the State Forestry Corps noted the pseudo pandas at the circus when it stopped in Brescia.

The corps worked with the Investigative Unit for Crimes in Damage to Animals (NIRDA) and Command Station Brescia and were assisted by veterinary staff.

The puppies were seized and, for the moment, left at the property with the absolute prohibition of prolonging their performances.

The documents offered up from the circus showed two false passports for the dogs which appear to have been imported from Hungary. Their ages were listed as six months but investigators say the dogs were younger than the certificates indicated.

The veterinarians found the dogs in good health but were suffering from watery eyes, likely aggravated by the constant lightning flashes to which they were exposed.

The circus owner was sued for using false documents and investigators are continuing to look for clues of mistreatment and whether there may be fraud committed by the owner against the spectators.


Photo credit: Italy State Forestry Corps

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