Joe Biden feline fine about the Demo-cat vote for president

Joe Biden is really cuddling up to pet voters.

Real actual pets. As in dogs and cats who are getting behind the Democratic Party presidential candidate.

We previously told you about the Dog Lovers for Joe campaign aimed at putting a dog back in the White House — something Biden’s team has whole-heartedly embraced.

Biden is now touting his appeal to Demo-cats.

“Don’t let the Democats down!” boasts his latest social media campaign featuring, well, cats.

Courting the kitten vote is new terrain for Biden.

In 2018, Biden adopted a dog named Major from the Delaware Humane Society to join his family’s other dog, Champ.

Biden has already incorporated man’s best friend into his get out the vote strategy.

“Get ready to take a walk to the polls!” Dogs for Biden posted on social media. “Election Day is coming.” 

While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has spent the past four years pet-less in the White House, Democrats are latching on to the fur baby campaign.

Take Doug Emhoff, who happens to be married to the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, Kamala Harris.

America goes to the dogs, er, polls Nov. 3.

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