Justice for Geist. Angry owner seeks answers after Utah cops killed his dog

Dog owner Sean Kendall began filming himself in his car moments after learning police in Utah had shot his dog.

He’s used social media, from Twitter to Youtube to a petition on change.org to leverage social media to demand accountability.

Since the shooting, Kendall has garnered support from thousands of people in his quest to get answers as to what happened and why police stormed his backyard and shot his dog while looking for a missing child.

The three-year-old was later found sleeping in his own basement, nowhere near Kendall’s home.

On June 18th, Salt Lake City police went on to the fenced, gated and private backyard of Kendall’s house and shot and killed Geist.

The action was an inappropriate use of power, according to Kendall and his supporters.

An offer of $10,000 in compensation was made by the police force.

But Kendall said what he really wants is an apology and answers. On the Facebook page Justice for Geist, Kendall said the compensation is not what he’s seeking.

SLCPD has offered a generous settlement as compensation for the loss of Geist. However, there has been no disciplinary action taken against Brett Olson or action regarding policy change and training. I believe this is an attempt to placate me and buy me off. I would rather a public apology and non lethal policy change than any amount of money.

In a later post, Kendall clarified his position, saying the amount was a sum he and his lawyer felt was an acceptable amount.

I was basing my decision to settle on the advice of my lawyer as well as from others. I personally feel that fighting is the right decision but went against my personal feelings because of the recommendations of my lawyer. I apologize for the confusion and understand the lack of confidence.

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