Katy Perry knows what to do with a discarded face mask. Turn it into a dog poo bag

While some other celebrities ahem are pretending things are normal for a little while on a private island, others are demonstrating practical skills like how to turn your face mask into a dog poo bag.

Katy Perry is earning praise for being masked and picking up her dog poo with an Instagram post taken by a friend showing the singer’s down-to-earth, and crouching down, pick up technique.

While out for a walk in L.A., Perry casually removes her mask and uses it to pick up her dog’s poo at an outdoor space.

“This is great,” says Perry in a video posted by her friend Derek Blasberg.

Two uses: a mask to cover yourself, your face, and then a mask to pick up your dog’s poop.”

“And that is called being resourceful.”

Perry, 36, added in the comments which has been liked by thousands of people

“Self sufficient & resourceful is the motto of 2020! ”

Blasberg, who is YouTube’s head of fashion and beauty, also pointed out in his post that he was spending the day with the “Roar” singer on her 36th birthday on Sunday.

He wrote in the caption.

“I’m not sure when ‘Mom’ became a term of endearment for Pop stars. But I’ve known @katyperry as a mom, a motha, and now an actual mother and she’s been incredible at all of them. Happy birthday, Mom.”

Perry had a daughter Daisy Dove in August.

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