Kitten survives building demolition, broken legs and now has forever home

Remember Digger? The kitten saved from a church demolition in Nova Scotia last month, surviving with two broken legs.

Rescue group Animals In Need now has this update on the plucky – and lucky – little kitten.

“Digger is doing great … he has become a little climber loves being on top of everything and exploring … his legs seem to be healing well still.. he has a bit of a limp but not much… he has been adopted and is just waiting a bit longer to make sure he is good and healthy before going to his new home where he will be very happy . Thanks again to all who helped Digger.”

Check him out now.


It’s almost like nothing ever happened. Foster parent Brandi Nickerson noted on his remarkable progress a couple of weeks ago.


“He’s a super quick healer and although his back leg may never be completely straight all looks good,” she wrote. “It also is looking like his back toes are healing enough to not have to amputate any… So good news all around for this little guy today.”


Photos Animals In Need/Facebook

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