Large “wild” animals make strange bedfellows

A recent story in Maclean’s magazine reminded us of Bailey, the pet bison from Spruce Grove, Alta.

Bailey, of course, has become a bit of a star – dubbed the largest domestic pet in the world with a spot in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. The 1,600-pound bison rides in a car, hits the bar and generally acts like a dog around its owners, Jim and Linda Sautner, who allowed him in their old house, but not in their new pad.

Actually, Bailey is Bailey Jr. Bailey Sr. died in 2008. But Bailey Sr. behaved much the same way. The Sautners and their unusual pet have been featured locally, nationally and internationally.


But all this attention to Bailey reminded us of a lesser known overly friendly moose. The animal is caught on tape following members of one family around like a puppy, allowing a child to ride it and is even happy to snuggle up to them in bed. Also, please enjoy the levan Polkka, a popular Finnish ditty, as you watch. Apologies in advance for the earworm. 


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