Lemur grabs camera, snaps selfie, demands Instagram account

When Ellen took her famous at the Oscars selfie surrounded by celebrities, Bekily, a ring tail lemur decided to get his own.

Bekily, a 12-year-old playful lemur, was caught snapping his own selfie.”

He grabbed the camera from keeper Tegan McPhail during feeding time and made sure the focus was all on him.

We’re always taking quick pics of the animals we look after – as with workmates this cute, it’s hard to resist – but Bekily definitely wanted to get in on the action himself this time.

Bekily had never operated a camera before but that didn’t stop him. Bekily-the-Ring-Tail-Lemur-Snaps-a-Selfie-(c)ZSL-London-Zoo-(2)

As I was snapping away, he grabbed the camera lens and pulled it towards his own face. It took him a few attempts but he got a great profile pic in the end.

Tegan says while she doubts Bekily’s pics will end up in any photography competitions soon, he did a pretty good job.


h/t: ZSL London Zoo

Photo credit: ZSL London Zoo

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