Limba the elephant at Bowmanville Zoo put down

Limba was one of the star attractions at Bowmanville Zoo, just east of Toronto and the oldest elephant in Canada. The Asian elephant made her last appearance two weeks ago at the zoo’s Santa Claus parade. But she was put down earlier this week. There was a grapefruit sized growth found on her left side which may have been cancer. Limba was 50 and ha spent her entire life in captivity.

Here’s the posting from the zoo’s Facebook page.

“It is with a broken heart that we inform you that at 12:34am this morning Limba was humanely euthanized.

Robert had taken her for a walk through the zoo and flood plain this afternoon which she greatly enjoyed. However this evening she passed a considerable amount of blood in her stool. After testing her blood parameters and finding that there was no hope Dr. Wendy, in consultation with Robert and the other members of the zoo family, reached the extremely difficult decision. We have always been very clear that Limba would not suffer. Our decision was made to honor that commitment.

Over the next several days we will investigate the illness that forced Limba’s demise and as information becomes available we will provide it to all of you, her extended family and friends.

Limba has been part of all our lives in Bowmanville since 1989. She has brought smiles to millions of children but most importantly an understanding of what a remarkable being an elephant is and how privileged we were to share time with her. Now she is gone and we cry where once we played.

We want to thank you all on behalf of Limba and ourselves during this difficult period. Your support has meant the world to us. Although Limba is no longer with us she will live in our hearts and memories forever.”

Photo credit: Bowmanville Zoo


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