Lion gets to lick his wounds after a little help from some friends

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is perhaps best known for hand-raising orphaned baby elephants and rhinos in Kenya.

The DSWT also wrangles anti-poaching crews, offers education to local communities and even helps dispatch mobile veterinary units to aid wild animals in need.

That’s precisely what it did recently with a badly injured lion.

“After a territorial fight, this male lion was looking decidedly worse for wear,” the trust posted on Facebook over the weekend.

The lion was spotted by Mara Triangle Conservancy rangers.

It had trouble moving and appeared to be in serious pain.

A plan was put in motion.

A veterinary team managed to treat this lion’s serious wounds. DSWT/Facebook

“It was clear emergency veterinary intervention was needed to treat his multiple wounds,” the group said.

The trust, along with the KWS Mara Vet Unit quickly drove to the area, anesthetized the lion and gently cleaned and treated the wounds.

They were all over his body.

The Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit is funded and operated by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service. DSWT/Facebook

The intervention was a success.

The “king of the jungle” needed medical care. DSWT/Facebook

“Because of this rapid response, he should recover fully from his injuries and hopefully continue his reign as ‘king of the jungle,'” the trust said.

Photos David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Facebook

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