Little girl meets little gorilla melting hearts everywhere

Here’s looking at you, kid.

The Fort Worth Zoo has posted the cutest baby gorilla meets toddler through the looking glass photo you’ve ever seen.

Barely six months old, behold as Gus, short for Augustus, takes stock of a little girl.

“As he gets older, Gus is exploring more and more of the world around him, which includes encounters with new friends like Braylee of Fort Worth,” the zoo posted last week, with a photo that is now giving the internet a collective reason to go Ahhhh.

Honestly. Squeee.

Baby western lowland gorilla named Gus meets a little girl named Baylee. Fort Worth Zoo/Facebook
Baby western lowland gorilla named Gus meets a little girl named Braylee. Fort Worth Zoo/Facebook

LizAnn Lodes said the girl is her granddaughter.

“It was so cute. They ‘chatted’!! I almost cried it was so adorable!” she posted on the zoo’s Facebook page.

The western lowland gorilla was born Dec. 5 to parents Gracie and Elmo. Until then, the zoo had never had a gorilla birth. These are the first images of the wee little fella.




Could this little guy be any cuter?


And this. Bliss.


And, here’s the big reveal of the adorable name for the tiny primate.

Photos Fort Worth Zoo/Facebook

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