Lost and alone, baby opossum rescued by Toronto Animal Services

When people spotted the tiny opossum hanging around a Toronto apartment building, they started to worry.

That’s when Toronto Animal Services was called in.

A wildlife officer figured the little critter was separated from his mother. And as North America’s only marsupial, babies grow in their mother’s pouch. When they get big enough, they start moving around and hanging onto mom.

“Unfortunately, sometimes they fall off and mom doesn’t know, and the baby is too young to survive on his own,” animals services said.

Just like this one found this week.

This wee fella was just too young.

“A general rule for opossum babies is that if they’re less then 7 inches from nose to bum (not including their tail), they are too young to be away from mom,” animal services added. “Since our friend was clearly too small and had been there for a couple of days, we knew we had to help.”

It’s almost as if he’s saying, ‘Help me.” Toronto Animal Services/Facebook

The opossum was wrapped in a blanket and taken to the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

That’s where he can be taken care of, spend time with other orphans and learn how to be an opossum.

Lost and lonely baby opossum is safe and sound, now. Toronto Animal Services/Facebook

Eventually, he’ll be released back to the wild.

Photos Toronto Animal Services/Facebook

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