Male model working out with his cat breaks the internet

Travis DesLaurier has honed his body – and his business – and now he’s schooled the internet.

An 18-second tongue-in-cheek video of him working out with his cat, Jacob, has attracted 21 million views in little more than a week.

“Me & @jacobscrate😼 are taking our training seriously meow, it’s nice he doubles up as my training partner, medicine ball, and weight set!😳😹 ‪#‎felineworkout‬ ‪#‎cattrainer‬ ‪#‎jacobscrate‬ ‪#‎fluffybastard‬ snap chat travbeachboy,” writes DesLaurier, who lives in Edmonton, Alberta.


The video ends DesLaurier drying his brow with Jacob’s tail. Because of course it does.

DesLaurier knows cat videos rule the internet, but he’s no faker as a cat-person. Here he is celebrating Jacob’s 4th birthday.


Photos of him with Jacob fill is Facebook page.

And, he even posted this video of himself getting a tattoo of Jacob. As one does.

Besides being a model, DesLaurier describes himself as an entrepreneur, selling boxes of cat goodies through his business, Jacob’s Crate.

Photos Travis DesLaurier/Facebook

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