Man rescues dog after leash gets trapped in elevator doors

One very fluffy Pomeranian is very lucky to alive after a man noticed its was on one side of the elevator and its owner on the other as its leash was caught between the closed doors.

And, it was all caught on surveillance video.

Johnny Mathis was walking out of the elevator at his Houston apartment building this week when he spotted a woman get on. But as he looked at her dog, the doors closed. That’s when he jumped in to save it.

“Y’all I’m shaking!!!” Mathis posted on Twitter. “I just saved a dog on a leash that didn’t make it onto the elevator with the owner before the door closed!”

The timing was unbelievable.

“I just happened to turn around as the door closed and it started to lift off the ground I got the leash off in time,” he added.

The entire ordeal lasts just seconds as Mathis struggles to remove the leash and the collar.

And when he does get it off, the leash flings up to the top of the elevator.

“She started screaming as soon as the door shut and was bawling her eyes out when it came back down, she thought the worst,” Mathis explained later.

The video has been watched almost 16 million times.

This is one incredibly lucky doggo.

“I did what I had to do to help the pup. I’m thankful I was there at the right time to help,” Mathis said.

So are we all.

Though Mathis doesn’t see himself as a hero, but he hopes people are more careful when they bring their “fur babies” into an elevator.

“This could have been a lot worse but thankfully I could help. I’m glad it ended the way it did, truly. All this attention wasn’t my intention but I hope awareness to situations like this are brought to everyone’s attention. It could happen to anyone. A second is all it takes,” he added.

Photo Johnny Mathis/Twitter

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