Man saves baby porcupine after cutting open stomach of mother

A man looking for valuable mineral deposits inside the stomach of a dead porcupine found a fetus that he massaged back to life.

Jared Buzzell of Lisbon, Maine was looking for wild mushrooms when he heard a porcupine getting struck by a car.

He had heard that the stomachs of porcupines contained a valuable mineral deposit that his uncle once told him formed in the stomach of porcupines. The deposit, bezoar stone, is allegedly magical and said to cure illnesses. It’s actually an undigested deposit that forms inside animals

Did we mention that Buzzell was looking for wild mushrooms?

Anyways, instead of a bezoar stone, Buzzell found a baby porcupine after slicing open the dead porcupine mamma’s stomach. 

He cut the umbilical cord and thought the infant was dead. But after he started massaging it, the baby porcupine began breathing. Buzzell is now looking after the baby porcupine and plans to give it to a wildlife rehabilitation centre. 

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