Man saves frog regurgitated by snake with mouth-to-mouth rescuscitation

A snake and pest control worker, called to a house to remove a tree snake from a senior citizen’s home, ended up saving a frog that had been swallowed whole and was a lump in the belly of the snake.

Jamie Chapel of Townsville, in Australia was called to a residence to remove the snake from a potted plant.

“When I turned up there was a common tree snake with a lump in his belly

On approaching the snake, he regurgitated a green tree frog. The frog was lifeless and limp with no movement or breathing.

But then Chapel noticed the frog move his leg and realized the critter might be alive.

He washed mucus off the 5cm-long frog and began tiny chest compressions on the struggling amphibian.

“I started chest compressions for about a minute and the frog came back to life,” Chapel said.

The amphibian was taken back to Mr Chapel’s home to recover from what newspaper called a “a less than “ribbeting” experience that left the frog  with deep cuts on his back.

I got him home, started him on pain medication and put antibiotic cream on his wounds.”

Chapel has been feeding the frog wood cockroaches and crickets inside a rehab tank situated in his loungeroom. The other night, Chapel said he fed the frog, he’s since named Lucky a pinky mouse.

Chapel plans to release Lucky back into the wild next week.


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