Man serenading cows with saxophone is very mooooving

Rick Herrmann is an athlete, health-nut and outdoor lover.

The 53-year-old has now added aspiring saxophonist to his resume.

And, he recently tested his musical skills in solo performance that’s truly in a field of its own.

“I’m better at coaching fitness and nutrition than I am at playing the saxophone but I’m learning. I started playing the sax 7 months ago,” Hermann wrote on Instagram last week. “I find it helpful to play in front of a large audience.”

And so, the Oregon man played to a pasture of cattle.

“I’ve heard that music can tame the savage beast,” Hermann says. “…Actually, this is my first audition for a live audience so we’ll see how it goes.”

Spoiler: Very well.

His as-the-sun-was-setting version of Isn’t She Lovely piques their interest.

“They’re coming to you,” a voice can be heard off saying off camera.

Then, he launches into Careless Whisper. The cattle seem bewitched by the roadside rendition of a George Michael classic.

“I think they like it,” Hermann says as he turns to the camera.

“I find it helpful to play in front of a large audience,” says Rick Hermann. @coachrickh/Instagram

His daughter, Erin, posted videos which amassed more than 12 million views.

Hermann seems to be really milking the moment as he launches into Tequila.

And, he’s attracting a legion of fans.

At least one knows a thing or two about soulful sounds.

And some are calling it evidence that cows really are sensitive beings.

Photo @erinmhermann/Twitter

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