Man survives goring by bison in Yellowstone National Park

For the second time this year, a visitor to world famous Yellowstone National Park has been charged and gored by a wild bison.

The 34-year-old man from Colorado Springs, Colorado was walking with his family June 27 on a boardwalk near the Giant Geyser at Old Faithful when a bull bison charge the group, the park said.

“Family members did not leave the area, and the bull bison continued to charge and gored the male,” the park said in a statement.

The man suffered an arm injury and was taken by ambulance to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

This incident remains under investigation, but officials are again warning people to stay at least 23 metres (25 yards) away from bison and other large animals, and to keep an even larger distance — 91 m (100 yards) — from bears and wolves.

“If need be, turn around and go the other way to avoid interacting with a wild animal in proximity,” the park said.

“Bison are unpredictable and can run three times faster than humans,” it added.

This is the second time in about a month in Yellowstone a person got too close to a bison, which responded to the “perceived threat by goring the individual,” officials explained.

In the earlier case, the Ohio woman who was charged and gored also survived.

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