Man waltzes into British Columbia liquor store carrying a baby deer

Did you hear the one about a man who walked into the liquor store with a fawn?

No, not a joke.

Conservation officers in Invermere, located in southeast interior of British Columbia, were recently faced with this very dilemma.

Wildlife officials received this very call on June 15 after a man entered a liquor store carrying a live fawn. Officer Greg Kruger reviewed the surveillance footage, and figured out the identity of the mystery man.

“CO Kruger then located the male at a residence in Invermere where he was still in possession of the fawn,” the Conservation Officer Service explained on Facebook. “…The male found the fawn and believed it to be abandoned.”

The man told Kruger where he found the fawn. And so, Kruger drove it to the exact location. 

Once there, he used an electronic call device to mimic the sounds of a fawn.

“Almost immediately, a mature white-tailed doe ran to the location and was reunited with the fawn,” officials added. “The male was subsequently charged for unlawful possession of live wildlife.”

Punchline: If you think a wild animal has been abandoned or orphaned, leave it alone and call in the experts.

Photo Conservation Officer Service/Facebook

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