Massive outpouring for inseparable female emu and male donkey

Here’s a little ditty ’bout Jack and Diane.

Two American critters abandoned on some farmland

Jack, the male donkey, wonders where they are.

Diane, a female emu, won’t stray very far.

Theirs is a modern-day love story; one that has captured hearts of people across North Carolina and around the world.

Picture perfect proof: Love is love.

Love is love for this odd couple. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue/Facebook

The pair was saved from an derelict farm by the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, which is now looking for a new home for them together.

“We are excited to introduce Jack and Diane. A story where two creatures with different looks, backgrounds and even breeds learn to stand together, protect each other and love,” the facility posted on Facebook last week.

“The donkey and the emu need to stay together,” the group wrote. “They are very bonded.”

They also don’t get along with other donkeys or other emus.

“He is protective of her,” the rescue group wrote on Facebook. “Jack does not want any other donkeys near him or Diane.”

The facility has received 2,000 applications to adopt them in just two days.

“We have had inquiries from London, Canada, France and several other countries where this story has gone viral in addition to the United States,” it said in a update.

Jack, the donkey, and Diane, the emu, are in love. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue/Facebook

“Our phone system is crashing our email system is crashing,” it explained. “We simply cannot keep up with the volume of people sending us Facebook messages texts emails and phone calls.”

The rehabilitation facility also rescued chickens, guineas, dogs and other animals at the deserted farm.

It’s still trying to catch a wayward cat.

It will likely start sorting through the applications to adopt the odd couple this week, but selecting a new home could take a month.

Meanwhile, it’s grateful for the attention and donations so it continue its work helping animals of all kinds.

“Every non-profit and especially animal rescues rely on donations,” the organization wrote. “If it wasn’t for donations we could have never saved Jack and Diane to begin with.”

So, life goes on. Long after the thrill of going viral is gone.

Photos Carolina Waterfowl Rescue/Facebook

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