Meatless Monday: Animal rights protesters target Australian theme parks for holiday

Animal activist groups are protesting theme parks at the start of the holiday season in an attempt to raise attention over captive animals like polar bears.

Justice for Captives targeted Sea World where Australia’s only captive polar bears are kept. According to Justice for Captives, the animals, naturally adapted for freezing conditions and long distance swimmers able to cover 70 km in only 24 hours.

But in Sea World, the polar bears are kept in an enclosure roughly 30 by 40 metres wide.

Polar bears kept on the Gold Coast are suffering – they have a thick fur coat, a layer of blubber and black skin to protect them against the harshest cold and icy climates.

Polar bears are not meant to live in a hot sub-tropical environment – they are meant to be living free to roam in the wide-open spaces of the Arctic!

Justice for Captives are calling for Sea World to rehabilitate their polar bears to a sanctuary in Canada to live out their lives in peace

The protesters also stormed Village Roadshow’s Outback Spectacular show on Saturday night, and Dreamworld, which is owned by another company, on Sunday.

The protesters have ignited debate on social media, with many applauding their efforts, while others have condemned their behaviour.

At Sea World, the protesters interrupted a live dolphin show. Live videos were taken in the front of the dolphin pool, while others who broke free from the group appeared to break in at the rear of the performance venue and enter the pool there.

The crowd booed the disruption, which started as soon as the show began, yelling at the group that they were ruining their days.

“You’re ruining those dolphins’ lives,” yelled back one of the protesters.

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