Meatless Monday: Disturbing graphic shows the pain of sheep, ducks and geese to keep us warm

It’s summer here in North America but Down Under, they’re preparing for the winter months and Animals Australia has come up with a timely, disturbing message that the materials we use to keep warm cause animals distress.

As Australians prepare for cooler weather with turning up heaters and pulling out sweaters and warmer jackets, there is a toll taken on our furred, feathered and wooly friends.

Animals like rabbits, geese, foxes and sheep are born with insulating coats which help them survive extreme temperatures — but tragically it is a demand for these fibres that can cause them tremendous suffering, and even death.

Cruel industries generate huge profits by stealing the winter coats from animals. And while not all animals are killed for their coats — the ‘lives’ of many farmed for fur and feather ‘harvesting’ is arguably a fate worse than death. Not only do alternatives to animal fibres exist — but they are readily available. By checking labels, and choosing animal-free clothing and blankets this winter — you can not only keep yourself warm, but show our animal friends a little warmth at the same time.

Some of the details Animals Australia are publicizing is truly gory like how angora sweaters are made and the pain ducks and geese endure to allow us to wear down coats. And we’re not even talking about fur coats yet.

h/t: Animals Australia 

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