Meatless Monday: McDonald’s launches first Vegan Happy Meal but you’ll only find it in Sweden

McDonald’s in Sweden has announced it will be serving its first vegan Happy Meal using falafels and breaded wraps made out of flour tortillas.

The fast-food giant revealed on Instagram that it will be adding McFalafel to the menu, saying: “Have you heard the news? Soon we will have McFalafel #vegan.”

The McVegan burger has been offered in Sweden since the end of 2017. But the vegan Happy Meal is the first one offered in McDonald’s.

In addition to the McVegan Burger – which also retails in Finland – the burger chain is also trialing the El Veggo in Finland.In addition to the McVegan Burger – which also retails in Finland – the burger chain is also trialing the El Veggo in Finland.

McDonald’s doesn’t own cows, but on its website, McDonald’s Canada claims that it uses 70 million pounds of beef per year.

McDonald’s doesn’t own or slaughter any cattle, but we can tell you that we use about 70,000,000 pounds of beef per year, which averages out to approximately 190,000 pounds of beef daily. Our hamburger patties all come to us from our supplier, Cargill, in Spruce Grove, AB. The number of cattle slaughtered on a given day may fluctuate based on factors such as demand or the size of the animals.

The vegan Happy Meal includes a breaded red pesto goujon wrap. The Spicy Veggie Wrap, on McDonald’s main adult menu, also contains a breaded vegetable goujon.The kids’ wrap also contains tomato ketchup and shredded lettuce, and the adult option features spicy tomato relish, tomato, lettuce, and red onion. Both are wrapped in a flour tortilla. The items are both certified by The Vegetarian Society.

Sweden’s Happy Meal are the first full vegan meals offered by McDonald’s. In January, the fast food giant began offering near full vegan meals in the UK.

The veggie wrapped in McDonald’s is a tortilla-based wraps but toasted in the same ovens as McDonald’s hamburger buns which contain milk. That’s why McDonald’s is stopping short of calling it a totally vegan meal.

The goujon which is part of the Happy Meal is a patty made of yellow peas, tomato, breadcrumbs, rice and herbs, which is wrapped inside a tortilla with shredded lettuce and ketchup. It clocks in at 209 calories.

There’s no indication of whether either the Swedish or the UK wraps will appear soon in North American McDonald’s.


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