Why are octopuses walking from the sea to die on a beach in Wales?

It’s a mystery that’s baffling scientists. In the seaside town of New Quay in Wales, people have begun noticing octopus walking on to shore and dying.

The phenomenon was first noticed by tour operator SeaMôr Dolphin Watching Boat Trips New Quay .

The octopus appear to glide and move out of the water and on to the shorelines.

The tour operators have some ideas of why:

To keep you guys updated, the general consensus on this occurrence is that after spawning, these octopus will die. Perhaps a combination of getting churned around in the washing machine like waters that we’ve had after hurricane Ophelia and storm Brian, and the bright street lights of the terraces in New Quay, the animals are getting disorientated and coming out of the water, and crawling up the beach.

Other theories include the possibility the octopus are being chased by predators.

When they can, staff at SeaMôr have been trying to get the octopus back into the water.

They will most certainly die if they stay out of the water for too long, but we still don’t know if putting them back into deeper water is doing the right thing, but watching them suffocate would be heartbreaking so that is what we’ve continued to do, until some experts tell us otherwise.


h/t: SeaMor Facebook

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