Meatless Mondays: Companies offering incentives to employees who go meatless

Companies have long known that healthier and more socially connected employees are better workers.

That’s why companies often offer incentives to their employees. Quit smoking? Get more time off. Join a gym? The company will pay for that. Lose weight? Here’s a bonus.

Some companies even give credit to employees who volunteer at animal shelters or take financial steps to reduce their credit card debt.

It makes sense. If you smoke, are physically inactive and overweight and struggling financially that takes a toll on your health. Unhealthy, unconnected employees take more time off work which end up costing companies in sick pay or long term disability.

Now we are hearing companies are giving employees incentives for going meatless at least one day of the week.

At one Texas company, employees are given score cards that encourages workers to give up meat. Corporations have figured out healthier workers are better employees and that in the end is great for the company’s bottom line.



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