Meet Morag: 21-year-old cat given up for adoption after her owner could no longer care for her

Morag’s sad search for a retirement home is touching hearts around the world — and may now have a happy ending.

Morag is a 21-year-old cat in Worcester, England who was given up for adoption on Feb. 6.

“This beautiful senior kitty is Morag, who came into our care through no fault of her own, after her owner could no longer take care of her,” the RSPCA posted on her adoption profile.

The super-senior kitty would be about 100-years-old in human years. And, she’s oldest cat that has ever come into the Worcester and Mid Worcestershire branch’s care.

“Considering her great age she’s actually very lively and mobile-in fact we struggled to get photos of her as she refuses to stay still!” the rescue group noted.

Morag is 21-years-old. Photo: RSPCA

The domestic long hair crossbreed doesn’t look her best right now.

“She looks a little scruffy at the moment as her fur was terribly matted when she came into our care so she has had to brave the shave but we’re sure her fluffy coat will soon grow back!” the RSPCA added.

As soon as she arrived on the internet, people around the world began sharing her story – wishing they could adopt her.

So many people hoping Morag finds her forever home.

Morag was given up for adoption after her owner could no longer care for her. Photo: RSPCA

But her needs are very specific: No other cats, dogs or kids around, and preferably, homebody owners.

“Morag is such a loving girl, she absolutely loves receiving visitors to her pen and she just wants the comfort of someone who can offer her a warm, loving home, somewhere comfy to sleep, a nice secure garden where she can go outside and enjoy some fresh air, good food and of course the all-important head rubs,” the RSPCA added.

Good news: By Saturday Feb. 12, Morag had been listed as “reserved.”

Finally, her retirement home appears to be in sight.

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