Meet New Zealand’s feline on the front line: Arnold the police cat

In New Zealand, cats aren’t just would-be burglars. They are kitty cops.

Behold Arnold, a particularly clever tabby, and newest recruit of the New Zealand Police.

“You will have heard about our Police Dog Section, but have you heard the whiskers about our Secret Cat Division?” the police service posted on social media recently.

Arnold is considered a “specialist search cat.”

Arnold is no ordinary beat cop, er, cat. Photo: New Zealand Police/Facebook

His top-secret handler has taught him to jump through hoops, search, leap and lay down on command — sort of.

“We hope his training video helps spread a bit of cheer and leaves you and your family feline a little better this lockdown,” the service posted on Facebook.

In the field training. Photo: New Zealand Police/Facebook

Don’t worry canine cops — your jobs are safe. For now.

“Stay tuned for Arnold’s next adventure over the coming weeks,” police added.

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