Meet Patrick: World’s oldest, likely largest and probably only, virgin wombat

Patrick turned 29 this week. But this is no ordinary milestone. Patrick is a wombat. In fact, he’s Patrick the Wombat, and is believed to be the world’s oldest living wombat. In the wild, the marsupials live about 13 years.

Patrick is also very big.


See, huge. He weighs more than 80 pounds. That puts Patrick at the top end of the wombat weigh in, so he may well be also the world’s largest wombat.

Ballarat Wildlife Park in southeastern Australia where Patrick calls home is celebrating this week with cuddles, photo opportunities and a reminder for visitors to bring carrots.

“Happy Birthday Patrick the Wombat!” the facility noted on its Facebook page. “This 29 year old is the world’s oldest living wombat. Given that Patrick has never had children, or any partners in general, probably makes him the oldest living wombat virgin as well! Congrats mate!”

Wombat virgin. WOMBAT VIRGIN. That must also be a record. Someone call Guinness. It also explains the need for all the hugs.




Patrick, listed as a public figure on Facebook, was feted last month by CNN as the third best city mascot in the world. (Shrek the Unshearable Sheep and Fungie the Dolphin took gold and silver respectively in the ranking.)

But back to Patrick, known as the “Wombassador” for Ballarat, who seems to be taking all the attention in stride.

“Hello everyone! Firstly I would like to a say HUGE thank you to al of my fans and welcome to all my new followers!!
As I have been inundated by likes/comments and wall posts I will do my best to respond to all of you but it may take some time!

So here is one for all, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES AND I HAVE BEEN VERY SPOILT! Sending you all lots of love!!! xxxxx”

He also travels by wheelbarrow.


Photos Ballarat Wildlife Park/Facebook





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