Meet Sherlock: World’s most adorable airline employee (sort of)

KLM introduced passengers earlier this week to the latest member of its lost and found team based at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. A beagle named Sherlock, the Dutch airline boasted in a video uploaded to YouTube, will help reunite owners with everything from lost teddy bears to cell phone and laptop computers.

The video is adorable and has already been viewed 3.5 million times. It also managed to dupe news outlets, including CNN. The news service posted the video to its website on Wednesday, but the next day, sheepishly clarified the story.

“It appears that the Sherlock video is nothing more than a marketing stunt to promote the airline’s new lost and found service,” CNN wrote.

“The dog Sherlock symbolizes the service we are offering to our customers,” a KLM spokesman said in an e-mail to CNN. “It shows the effort and dedication of our Lost & Found team.”

“Whoever that beagle is,” CNN told readers, “we still love him/her.”

Of course, it was easy to be fooled. The company also issued an official press release about the launch of its new airport service

“To show how far the Lost & Found team and their tail-wagging secret weapon go, KLM has created a video,” the release promised.

KLM has also been fielding questions on its Facebook page. The company explained that yes, the lost and found team is very real, but coyly suggested that people should think of Sherlock as a different kind of member of its team.

“Consider little Sherlock our mascot!” the airline wrote.

Or, perhaps the Sherlock media sensation best summed up by a KLM employee in the video: “Personally, I think he is a real asset to the company.”

h/t CNN Photo KLM/YouTube

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