Memorial for police service dog Quanto killed in the line of duty

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A plaque now hangs in the RCMP headquarters in Edmonton, just 100 metres from where Quanto was stabbed to death a year ago. The police service dog was chasing down a suspect on Oct. 7, 2013 when the offender turned a knife on the German shepherd. Frantic attempts to save the canine cop failed. Mounties and city police gathered yesterday – on the one year anniversary – to commemorate Quanto’s sacrifice.

“Police dogs are loyal partners who do what is asked of them. A year ago today, Quanto did what was asked and died because of it,” RCMP Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan, who is the commanding officer in Alberta said in a statement. “Quanto’s death was a loss felt by the entire Canadian police community across Canada, and particularly here at “K” Division where it hit very close to home.”

In response to Quanto’s death, the Canadian government introduced tough new legislation for those who hurt or kill service animals.


The man Quanto’s was attempting to apprehend did not get away. He was sentenced earlier this year 26 months in prison for a number of offences, including animal cruelty. He was also banned from owning a pet for 25 years.

“Quanto died helping to protect our employees and we are very grateful for that,” Commissioner Ryan added. “Today, we also acknowledge the close bonds that tie all Alberta police agencies together in good times and bad.”

Quanto was involved in more than 100 arrests during his four year career.


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