Mike Bloomberg shakes dog’s snout, gets endorsed by other doggies saying they don’t mind

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Does former NYC mayor and Democratic presidential nominee hopeful Michael Bloomberg know how to pet a dog?

A viral video shot by Christopher J. Hale showed Bloomberg shaking a dog’s snout. To be fair, the dog’s tail was wagging and the dog didn’t seem to mind. The random dog encounter in Vermont showed Bloomberg first tugging the dog’s snout and then petting it on the head.

Some wagged that Bloomberg doesn’t know how to shake a dog’s paw. But Bloomberg within 24 hours released a digital ad featuring dogs endorsing him. The #DogsFurMike ad came after the dog snout shaking video went viral.

One dog on the campaign video quips that Bloomberg “does not tweet,” in an apparent tweak of President Donald Trump and his odd and sometimes angry Twitter habit.

The ad ends with a still image of him petting a dog — its head, not its snout.

“I’m Mike Bloomberg’s dog. I approve this message,” says Bloomberg’s purported pet dog, Cody.

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