Missing Genevieve, the therapy goat, goes on the lam(b) for two weeks.

Therapy goat Genevieve needed a little me time.

The mama goat, who helps provide therapy to clients at Binkadi Community Services, an organization on Vancouver Island, took off with two of her kids July 8, escaping from their pen.

A pet retrieval group called ROAM (Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing) was called in. The two little goats, Genevieve’s eight-month-old kid Delilah and her niece Georgia, were quickly found.

Genevieve was spotted along the highway and in other areas. One homeowner noticed his cat had made a friend when the 200-pound goat kept returning to visit.

Despite the sightings, Genevieve remained stubbornly AWOL.

A huge enclosure called Daddio was set up and Genevieve came in and out, not interested in the bait that was set up because the food from the outdoors, including blackberry bushes were more enticing.

After a full weekend of dodging the traps set for her and eluding capture despite treehouse and road surveillance and trail cams, Genevieve was finally caught.

ROAM says Genevieve was not an easy goat to get.

Due to Genevieve’s size, smarts, strength and stubbornness….this was by FAR one of our most challenging cases! This was one tough goat!

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